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E-commerce is playing an increasingly important role in the way in which products and services are purchased. Selling online also has major advantages for your business including exposure to a much larger, national or even global customer base, increased profitability and reduced costs.

The scope of selling online ranges from a simple website offering a limited number of products that change infrequently, right through to enterprise level shopping carts such as Amazon and Ebuyer. No one solution fits all clients so we endeavour to determine what you need and then together we can work out the best way of delivering it for your business.


57% of UK households now shop online (ie: at least one person in each household) use the internet to buy online.


Why are we different?

It's very simple.
We don't aim to hook you and charge a fortune for helping you achieve your goal. The whole point of Wn8Local is to help YOU The Sole Trader, The Local Retailer, The Small Business, The Tradesman, to get your services and products online and increase your sales and local awareness that you are there and trading.

Online retail sales are growing expedentially year by year and is predicted to exeed £30 Billion by 2015

Accepting Online Payments

Accepting payments online is not as difficult as you might imagine but does require a bit work to set it up fully. At the very basic level you can integrate your website with Paypal, or similar online service, and they will handle all payment processing on your behalf.  Of course if you already accept payments in your real world shop you should easily be able to upgrade your current service to include online transactions.

Customer Service

Good customer service is what can set you apart from everybody else selling on the internet. A good shopping cart makes it easy for you to manage your customers through an online interface that provides access to their personal details, ordering history and past communications. Automatic advice e-mails such as when an order is received or when a product is marked for dispatch all combine to enhance the customer experience whilst reducing your workload.

E-Commerce Security

Securing your online business is an essential service we provide to all clients for two important reasons. Firstly as your business grows and becomes more reliant on the revenue from your online shop any disruption to your systems could be catastrophic both from a commercial and reputational perspective. Secondly shoppers are becoming more sophisticated and are actively seeking to trade only with sites who take proper precautions such as using Security Certificates and encrypting private data.

Fulfilling Orders

A large proportion of online shops fail to achieve their true potential due not fulfilling the orders placed properly or in a timely fashion. Having done all the hard work they let themselves down at the final hurdle in actual delivering the goods. Our carts make it easy to process orders and dispatch the goods whilst keeping the customer informed. We can even integrate our systems to communicate with a delivery service such as UPS, FedEx or Royal mail so you and your customers can track their parcel every step of the way.




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