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Not so long ago designing and managing websites was a highly specialised activity with an in depth understanding of HTML code and programming required.

Whilst lucrative for the small percentage of people who could perform this task it was also frustrating for individuals and businesses alike who couldn't’t afford these services.

Content Management Systems (CMS) were created to open up the digital market place and allow individuals to take control of their own websites and make adding content and images a much easier process.

These intuitive pieces of software allow for a wide variety of content to be added including video, images, audio and text by suitably authorised users. Non-technical users can pick up how to use the system very quickly and in turn teach other users to undertake some of the tasks for managing your website. Online shopping carts, forums, event calendars and newsletters can all be managed from within the CMS depending on the system.


Internet usage is increasing day by day over 63% of UK residents accessed the internet on a daily basis


We still  use this style of software today when we are designing our customers websites.

This code provides the functionality that your business needs while allowing us to overlay a modern and stylish design to portray your company in a professional light.
We also provide training, instruction and documentation on all our CMS packages as standard, so you will be sufficiently skilled to manage your own site once complete.

87% of all sales online are business to business transactions. Visibility to your potential customers is a must.

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CMS Websites

 CMS solutions offered can be very powerful and make a real difference to your online strategy. Adding content is easy as is adding products to sell through the available shopping cart.

Building a loyal online community is easy too with options such as forums, newsletters and private, password protected, member’s areas, to entice visitors back for frequent repeat visits.
We at Wn8Local have been a long time supporter of the Joomla!® project and firmly believe that it is the best online CMS with a large variety of usages.



Depending on your business needs adding a forum to your website can be beneficial for a number of reasons. One of these is that it will promote a higher level of traffic than you would normally expect as people return to communicate and socialise with other forum members. You can make use of this traffic to promote your products or services from within the forum or gain valuable feedback from the members on many aspects of your business.


Our higher end CMS solutions offer the opportunity to create and publish regular e-mail newsletters to your registered customers. This exploits another method of communication through which to transmit your company’s message. It can also help to build brand loyalty as your e-mails can contain privileged information or details of special offers only available to subscribers.



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