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Is your website looking a bit tired, old fashioned?

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Does your website contain badly designed navigation confusing your customers and even sending them to your competition?

If so why not see how Wn8 Web Design can redesign your website giving improved navigation, page layout, site information architecture, search engine optimisation and even your copy and photos themselves.

Simply contact us for a free no obligation website design review where we will indicate any good and bad webdesign areas in use as well as present you with a list of possible design solutions to help remove bad design and improve your all round website experience.


38% of websites on the internet today are more than 10 years old



  • Do you need new photos added to your site, or wish change the existing photos?
  • Want to add new text?
  • Need more email accounts?
  • Wish to secure un-registered domains, have them web forwarding to your existing site?
  • Do you need email forwarding set up on existing accounts?
  • Would you like to update or add new links on your site?
  • Do you suspect your site was badly made and is slow to download?
  • Poor search engine ranking, in need of search engine optimisation or submission to the best free search engines?
  • In need of somebody always there at hand to maintain your site?

Website redesign involves complete revamp of the look and feel of the website in order to create an improvised version of the same. However, to make sure the redesign process is a success you need to establish some prime goals and objectives for it. It is very important for you to analyze why you need to redesign the website and what exactly needs to be improved.

87% of all sales online are business to business transactions. Visibility to your potential customers is a must.

Setting Redesigning Goals

Website design as well as website redesign needs to have a specific purpose to it. A website designer not only has to make the website look good but also needs to make it effective for both the visitors and the business owner. Sit with the client and analyze the specific goals the website should target. Think about what the website should aim for and how it can achieve the same. Analyze the most important aspects of the website and channelize your focus on them.



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