The cost of an online shop

The cost of setting up an online shop

If you’re thinking about setting up an online shop, you probably just want to know the answer to the simple “How do I do it and how much will it cost?”.

In this post, we want to bring to your attention some of the best (free) open-source shopping carts available on the Internet.
Take time to check them out, read what other users think about the software, test the online demo (If they provide one), play around with it to know if the functionality suits your business before deciding on one.

There are many different ways to sell your products online.
However, what we’re after here is a simple breakdown of opening a shop online that will either enhance your already established business or a startup of a new business.
We are not going to go through every platform available, but give you a general idea of what can be accomplished for very little costs.

The solution

I suggest you build the shop based on an open source platform.
Open Source means that the scripts are available to download for free and even change to suite your needs.
There are many benefits of going down the open source route:

  • 1 Are built and maintained by groups of interested people all over the world. While there is typically one controlling body, they belong to no one.

  • 2 Make the source code available to all. Anyone with the skills and time can extend and modify the code and create new functionality as required.

  • 3 Can be hosted anywhere. You can host an open source web site with just about any ISP or hosting company on their servers or your own.

  • 4 Are typically free – or at least the software itself is. Customisation, design, and hosting are not.



Some examples of great open source platforms are:


The software you’ve decided upon will be the foundation of your entire e-commerce website and will not likely be changed in the future.
It’s realy important that you choose wisley. So don't make the mistake of a quick decision. As stated above it's important to see which of the scripts best suits your business needs.

So, what’s it going to cost?

Ongoing cost (per year rounded)

  • Domain Name: £10
  • Hosting: £40 to £80
  • SSL certificate: £25
  • Dedicated IP Address: £24

Transaction fees (payable every time someone buys something)

20p + 3.5% of transaction ( Paypal, Google Checkout or 2checkout). using a 3rd party payment system would mean you don’t need a SSL Certificate of your own or a Dedicated IP Address so costs would be lowered.

So summing it all up, opening an online shop is a no brainer.
As long as you are willing to take time to learn the software, start small and grow with your online busines you could be successful in trading online.

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