Create a Subdomain

A subdomain is a subdivision of a larger domain. For example, "" is a subdomain of ""

The subdomains can be used to take visitors to a specific part of your site, that is not neccessarily tied to your "main" website.

ie;,,, etc. Subdomains can be anything you'd like them to be, and can be used for any reason you'd like them to be used for.

In this tutorial we will be creating a new subdomain for our site. You also can watch a video here
Begin by clicking the Subdomains button.

sub icon

Let's enter the name for the new subdomain.

created sub

You can change the folder the files are stored in if you would like.
When you're done click the Create button.

the Subdomain will take a minute or two on the server to create so be patient. Once it's done you will see the created screen.

created sub

Our subdomain has been created. Click the Go Back button.

This screen will show you any subdomains you current have created.


Now when you go back into your file manager and access the public_html folder you will see a new folder called subdomain(or whatever you called yours).




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