Backup Your Site Using Akeeba Backup

Firstly we need to download the latest stable release of Akeeba Backup Core files from (Link) Here


Download to your desktop or some other place that is easy to find on your computer.

If you have never installed an extension in joomla please refer to this tutorial How To Install An Extension In Joomla 1.6

Ok... hopefully at this point you have downloaded Akeeba and have it installed within your website.

Go to Components>>Akeeba Backup. This wil open the akeeba control panel screen.
There are two things we are going to do here

  1. Run the configuration Wizard
  2. We are going to chage the download file type to ZIP format so we need to access the configuration page to accomplish this

control panel

1. the configuration wizard is a great tool in Akeeba, basically it talks to your server to determine the best settings to achieve quality backups of your website.
Click the Configuration Wizard Icon .
The next screen you see will Akeeba go straight into the task of talking to the server.
Do not do anything at this point just let akeeba run it's script !
You will see Akeeba run through the list placing a tick when each task is completed. At one point it may seem like the screen has frozen but it hasn't. It will take about two minutes to complete this task depending on the speed of your server.

benckmarking screen

When the tasks have been completed it will automatically go to the next screen and give you the option of running a backup or to configure further.

Finnished Configuration

2. Click the configuration button
When the configuration screen opens you will see a lot of information in there that the benchmarking scripts has populated.
The only part we are interested in at this point is the Advanced Configuration section.

In the advanced configuration section you will see a setting for the Archive Engine all we have to do is change this from the default "JPA format(recommended)" to ZIP format

Archive Engine Dropdown

JPA format is an Akeeba formating engine that only Akeeba recognises, so changing this to the commonly known zip format allows you to be more flexable with the copy of your website.
just click the Save & Close icon in the top right corner of Joomla and we are done configuring Akeeba for now.

Now we are ready to take our first backup

We should now be back in the Akeeba control panel screen

Just click on the Backup Now button and we will start the proccess of taking the backup.

backup Now

The next screen is the backup profile. Here you can add additional information about the backup if required

Backup Profile

  • Active Profile: This is the type of backup you are taking, you can make different backup profiles in akeeba which will be covered in another tutorial, the only one listed is the Default profile which is a full backup of your site including the database.
  • Short Description: You can add a description here that identifies the backup. (I usually leave this as is )
  • Backup Comment: If you want to add any additional comments about the backup you are about to take you can add them here.

Once you are happy with your profile of the backup just click the Backup now! button.

Again you will see the scripts running creating the backup, and once again don't navigate away from this page just let it run untill the backup has completed.

Backup Screen

When the backup has completed it will automaticaly move to the next screen telling you the backup has completed.

We are going to download a copy of the backup to our computer for safe keeping so click on Administer Backup Files.

configuration screen

Since this is the first backup we have taken of our website there will be only one backup link you will see.
This image has been split into two parts due to the width :

Left side:

backup description

Right Side:

download link

Just click on the link to start downloading to your computer. Apop up warning will appear just click ok to ignore .

Save it to a secure place on your computer in case you ever need it .

And thats it !
You have successfully taken a full backup of your website

if you ever need to use the backup to restore your website then read This Tutorial.


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