Clearing The Site Cache in Joomla 3.0

Clearing Cache (Joomla 3.0)

A lot of Joomla users have problems when making changes to thier website telling me that they've made some changes in the Administration area of their site, but when they refresh the browser, the changes don't appear.
This issue is typically connected to the Cache that Joomla stores.
This tutorial contains instructions for clearing your Joomla Cache.

What is Cache in Joomla?

Cache in Joomla is a lot like Cache in a web browser. In a browser, cache contains temporary Internet files like graphics or text from a site that you've visited. As you navigate to different sites, these files allow you to browse quicker and more effectively because as you visit different pages, similar files are used from past visits. Instead of downloading the file again, your computer will use the file it has already downloaded. As you visit more and more sites, the number of files in your Cache increases. Joomla makes a temporary directory of locations that users visit when going through your site. As they revisit these pages, the server will grab the temporary file instead of viewing the source. These temporary files build up a repository and, over time, they can interfere with the functionality of your site.

 Why Should I Clear Cache?

You can diminish the effect created by Joomla Cache by clearing it out once in a while. When using Joomla, these files sometimes don't get cleared our regularly and they can prevent updated pages from appearing on the front end of your site. It is good practice to delete these files on a regular basis, because as the repository of files grows, the more they can interfere with your work and browsing efficiency.

Clearing Joomla Cache


The Menu LinkView


After logging into the back end of your site, go to the top menu and then   System > Clear Cache.

The Cache Screen

cache screen

In the next window that appears, select all the Cache that has been stored by clicking on the small box above the list (there is nothing in our cache because this is a clean installation). Then, click on the "Delete" trash can icon in the toolbar.
You can even clear the "Purge Expired Cache" from this screen.

Turning Off The Cache


It may be helpful to turn off the Cache as you develop your site. To do this, return to the Control Panel and go to the Global Configuration area

The System Tab

system tab

Once in the Global Configuration area, select the System tab.

Cache Settings View

diable cache

In the Cache Settings are off to the right, you'll notice a drop down menu that will enable you to turn the Cache to off. Be sure to save your work.
Joomla will no longer keep a record of temporary files for your site. You may want to visit the link below to delete the Cache for your web browser to optimize your browsing experience.

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