Creating a new Article Category in Joomla 3.0

Creating categories in Joomla is a very simple process, but before you jump in and start creating categories i'd take  time to think about the structure of your category list.
Categories are like a filing cabinet for your articles if it's structured and organised properley it makes life easier for you and your visitors to find what they are looking for, especially if you are planning a large site with lots of content.

In my opinion it's good practice to write down your structure firstly see how it looks.
Ask others to take a look at your category list and get feedback, even discuss with colleagues if possible. You'd be amazed how another persons perspective can help you.

The Sample Data View


To the right you see a picture of the sample data categories installed with Joomla.

We have set the filter to 3 to show you how this category list is structured.
If you change the filter to 1 you will only see the first level categories, also described as "Top Level" categories.

By changing the filter level you will see how the structure of the category list has been developed, which will give you an idea how to think about structuring your categories.

Categories within categories are what we call
"Nested Categories" or "Sub Categories" .
Depending on your requirements you can now go as deep as you like with Nested Categories.

In this sample data category  list you will see that only the  "Sample Date Articles" and "Uncategorised" are the only two "Top Level" categories.


In this tutorial, we will show you how  to create a new article category and nested category.

Log into your Joomla Administration Panel.

The Category Manager

category manager

As usual with Joomla there are different ways to access the category list view.

You can use the top main menu and go to
"Content // Category Manager" or
on the right side of your screen you will see the "Quick Icons List Menu" with a link to the category manager.

Click either to take you to the Category List page.


New Category

new category button

At the top left corner of your page you will see the "New" button.

Click to take you to the next screen.


Category Details

category title

In the "Title" input box type the name of your category.

The alias input box will be filled automatically by Joomla once saved.

You can also add an image and description here for the category if required.


Details Filters On The Right


To the right of the category view you will see the details listing.

Leave as "No Parent".

This ensures it will be a Top Level category within your website.


Save Your Category


Now you have entered the details for your category listing go to the top left of the screen. there you have the choice to "Save & close"  if this was the only category we were creating or in our case we want to create a sub category so just click on "Save & New".

This will open a new entry screen for our sub category.


Confirmation Screen

category saved

We now see a new screen with a message telling us the category has been saved.

Here we now enter our sub category Title and description (If required) as we did with our main category.


Sub Category Details Filter

find parent category

We now need to find our category we created in the drop-down list in the parent options.

Usually this will be at the bottom of the stack due to it being a new top level category.

Select your category and it will populate the input box.
Then once again go to the save options in the top left of your screen and this time choose "Save & close".



New Categories Created

new categories created

You will now be back to your category listings.
There you will find the new Top Level and Sub Category you have just created.

You can use this process to create the category structure you require for your content within your Joomla website.



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