Creating a New Menu in Joomla 3.0

Once you have created your article(s) in Joomla you need a method of displaying the article(s) to the visitor.
This is usually done by creating a link to it either in a menu or a link within another article or web page.

Making your website easy to navigate is achieved by creating menus. The creation of a menu is a two step process, creating the menu and then creating a module for the menu.
In this tutorial, we will go through the steps to needed to set up a menu in Joomla 3.0.

Log in to your Joomla admin panel.

The Menu Manager

add new menu

In the top menu bar you will see the Menus  tab, click this and then hover over the menu manager link.
Another link will appear Add New Menu click this link.

(As usual with joomla this is not the only way to access the Menu Manager)


The New Menu Details

menu description

This is where we name our new menu we are creating.

  • Title:  The title of the menu to display in the Administrator Menu list.
  • Menu type:  The system name of the menu. (no spaces in the name).
  • Description:  A description about the menu. not really needed but handy if you have a large set of menus.

Once you have filled in the details you require just click the "Save & Close" button in the top bar.


Menu List

menu created screen

Now in the menu list you will see our new Test Menu we have created.

We need to display this new menu on our website, and the way we do this is within what is called a Menu Module.


Creating The Module

add module link

Click the "Add Module For This Menu type" link  to the right of the menu we just created.

This will open up a new module editor in the module manager screen.


The module Editor View

menu options

Now we are inside the Module manager and are going to create a module to display our menu.

 There are a lot of options when creating a module but we are just going to use the basics for  our new menu.

  • Title:  This is the heading of our menu so give it a name to describe the menu items.
  • Show Title: We can hide the title of our menu if required but we will show it for now.
  • Position:  You can publish the menu in any position within your template but we want it to show on the right side, so we start typing and the options for the right will show.

We are using the Protostar template in our demo site so we choose the "Right [position7]" under the Protostar heading.

OK with that done now we need to choose the menu to display so click on the "Options" tab next.


The Options Tab

select menu

Now inside the Options Tab all we have to do is choose our new menu from the Select Menu drop-down list.

The rest of the options available we will leave as default for now, and will be explained in a later tutorial.

OK nearly done. Now click on the Menu Assignment tab.


Menu Assignment Tab

menu assignment

Here we can decide what pages we want the menu to be displayed on.

  • Module Assignment:  This is a drop-down list giving option about how you want the module displayed, the default is On All Pages. You can change this to your requirements.
  • Menu Selection:  Depending on the choice you made above this will populate with a list of all the pages that have a link within another menu. Choose what pages you want the menu displayed on.

Our list is only the default Joomla install but as your website grows you will have a lot more to choose from i'm sure.

Once you have finnished just click the green "Save" and your menu module will be listed within the module manager.


Our new menu is complete but it still won't display on our website until we add some links to the menu.
Adding a new menu item to a menu in Joomla 3.0 Tutorial



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