Explaining Joomla Sample Data

When going through the Joomla 3.0 installation screens you will see on step 3 (Overview) the option to install sample data.
What's great is the new feature in Joomla 3.0 installation, giving you the option to choose which type of sample data to install.
By choosing any of these options does not mean you are limiting your website to just that layout, it's giving you the starting blocks to get your website up and running.

Sample Data Installation Options


Sample Data Set Options:

  • None
  • Blog English (GB) Sample Data
  • Brochure English (GB) Sample Data
  • Default English (GB) Sample Data
  • Learn Joomla English (GB) Sample Data
  • Test English (GB) Sample Data

The Sample Data Set that you decide to install will help setup your Joomla 3.0 website the way you need it right from the start.



no dataWhen you select "None" in the sample data section, Joomla 3.0 installs a  basic website.

Your homepage will show a menu and a login form on the right-hand side and what is called the breadcrumb path under your site name, but there will be no other content on the website.

This is great if you want to start with a clean fresh website. Mainly for people who know their way around joomla.


Blog English (GB) Sample Data

blog websiteInstalling the blog sample data, Joomla 3.0 will look like a blog right from the start.

Your homepage will list a few sample posts using the blog layout style in the main content area, and in the right sidebar you'll see typical blog modules such as Older Posts, Blog Roll, and a Most Read Posts section.

At the top of the content section you will see it automatically installs a module containing a picture banner, handy if you want to have a banner module at the top of your pages.


Brochure English (GB) Sample Data

brochure siteThe brochure sample data sets up Joomla like a sample brochure type website.

What this means is that your homepage will show only one article.
Your sidebar will show an informational module, and there will also be a login form as well.

This is usually used for small websites with little content  for advertising services or specialised products.


Default English (GB) Sample Data

default-siteThe default English sample data looks much like the brochure sample data. The major difference, at least from simply looking at the pages, is that the sidebar contains a Latest Articles module instead of a simple text module.


Learn Joomla English (GB) Sample Data

learn-joomla-siteWhen you install the learn joomla sample data, the sample data installed includes articles that explain how Joomla 3.0 works. This looks much like earlier versions of Joomla. The homepage includes articles about beginners, up-graders, and professional Joomla users. The sidebar includes links that go to articles about the Joomla! Project and the Joomla! Community.


Test English (GB) Sample Data

test siteThe test English sample data appears to be for those users that want to test and help contribute to Joomla 3.0. For example, the article on the homepage talks about how to test Joomla and report bugs that you find. In the sidebar, there is a list of all available views, making it easier to test many of the different types of pages you can create within Joomla.


Remember: Whatever data set you install doesn't limit the possibilities of your website it just installs the modules in specific positions to give you and idea of how to layout your website.

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