Configuring Your Shop in Magento

This tutorial will show you how to configure your store in Magento Commerce, and assumes you're already logged in to Magento

Go to the System menu and click the Configuration link at the bottom.
configuration menu

Firstly change the default country from the list to your country which in our case is the UK.
default country


Magento lets you specify from which countries to allow orders. All countries are selected by default

To select or de-select a country, hold down the control (CTRL) key while clicking on it.


Click the "Save config" button in the top right corner.

save config


Select the States Options tab.
states options

  • State is required for:  This is a pre-selected lit of countries that have state regions.
  • Display not required State:  Set to No the "State/Province" drop-down will disappear from "billing information"

Click once again the "Save Changes" button.


Select the locale tab.
These settings are pretty self explanitory.
locale options

  • Time Zone:  Select from the drop down list your Timezone which in our case is GMT Standard Time (Europe/London).
  • Locale:  Choose your location and language from the dropdown list.
  • First Day Of Week:  Select the day your week starts.
  • Weekend Days:  Hold down the CTRL button and choose the two weekend days.

Again Click the "Save Changes" Button.


Select the Store Information tab.

store information

  1. Store Name:  Type your store name here.
  2. Store Contact Telephone: Enter a contact telephone number, if you dont have one leave blank.
  3. VAT Number: If you are VAT Registered enter your registration number here.
  4. Store Contact Address:  Enter the business adresss of your store.

Again click the Save Changes button.


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