Configuring Your OpenCart Shop

Once you have installed OpenCart, you need to configure your store.

In order to configure your new online store you need to log in your OpenCart admin area. You can access the admin area by accessing your OpenCart url and adding "/admin" at the end.

For example:
In case your OpenCart is installed in a directory (for example "shop") you need to type

admin login

Enter your administrator user name and password and click the login button.
The administrator user name and password are selected during the initial OpenCart installation.

Once logged in go to System » Settings in the navigation menu.

system settings

Another page will open showing you a line that says "Your Store (Default)" on this line to the right you will see the edit link, click "Edit"
This page allows you to configure the general settings for your online shop.

edit store

In the "General" tab you can set the Store name, Store URL, Store Owner information and the contact e-mail.

general tab

Click the Store tab a description of the different fields are given bellow the image:


  • Title: Once again the name of your store.
  • Meta Tag Description: This is the main description of what you are selling or providing.
  • Template: if you have installed a new template you can activate it here, (but we are just using the default one for now).
  • Default Layout: Allows you to change the look of the front end of your shop and how products are displayed.


The Local tab:
Here we set our country of origin, default currency and language settings.

local tab

Options Tab:
There is a long list of options you can set here, each has a small description and are self explanatory.

options tab

The Image Tab:
These are the default image sizes for your store and logo image. Change the logo image for your store by just clicking on it and this will open the image folder where you can browse or upload your logo.

image tab

Mail Tab:
This tab is for changing the mail function for your store, you don't have to change the mail protocol because most hosting prroviders already have the PHP mail function installed on your account. You can also set extra conditions here to send you an email when someone orders a product or creates an account within your shop.

mail tab

The Server Tab:
A breif description of these settings are listed bellow the image.

server tab

  • Use SSL: A secure socket Layer has to be purchased in order to use this setting.
  • Use SEO URL's: Search engines prefer clean url's for indexing, if you don't know about the .htacces file please read This Tutorial.
  • Maintenance Mode: This setting allows you to put your store into ofline status until you  have everything in place to start selling.
  • Encryption Key: you can enter any sequense of numbers here to act as an encryption alogorythm to make your store more secure.
  • Output Compression Level: GZIP is used in most modern browsers to compress the data requested, if your site seemjs slow you can set a higher ratio here.

  • Display Errors: used for trouble shooting problems within your site.

  • Log Errors: When set to yes the error log file can be viewed from the System>>Errors  menu link..

  • Google Analytics Code: If you have a google Analytics account you can enter your details here.


Once you have finished making changes to the text fields click on the "Save" button to apply the changes you made.


Now we have our store configured correctly.



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