E-mailing Customers with OpenCart

email usersThe mass email function of OpenCart makes sending notifications about promotions and new products to your customers easier than ever.

In this tutorial we will show you how to send an email to all of your customers.


First log in to your OpenCart administrator area and navigate to Sales » Mail

email menu

When the next screen opens you will see the mailing function of opencart which has been improved in the latest version (1.5.1)

email customers

    • From:: field is where you can choose different email addresses if you have created any.
    • To:: field is where you can choose which of your customers the email will be sent to.
    • All Newsletter Subscribers" means that the email will be sent to all the people that selected that they want to receive your regular newsletter upon their sign-up. This option is useful if you want to send regular newsletters containing promotions and new product information.
    • All Customers: will send the email to every customer that registered in your OpenCart store.
    • Customer Group: If you have set up user groups then you can select the group that you want to target your e-mail.
    • Customers: Here you can select individual customers to send emails to.
    • All Affiliates: If you have setup an Affiliate group withing your shop this will mass mail them all.
    • Affiliates" Once again you can choose only certain affiliates to receive your email.
    • Products: You can target only the customers who have purchased a certain product or brand.


The Editor

This is where you can create your email messages using the WYSIWYG editor.
Allowing you to send emails that are  tailored to your specific needs. if you have ever received a promotional email before then you can imagine the possibilities.


Once you are ready selecting your recipients and creating the message simply click "Send" in the upper right corner of the page.

send mail

Now the emails will be sent to your customers notifying them for new products and promotions on your OpenCart online store.

Keeping your customers up to date with new products on your store is vital for your online business and keeps the sales rising.

One comment i would like to make at this point is don't overdo it, bombarding your customers with promotions on a too regular basis will only lead to them getting frustrated with you and your store.



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