Install Opencart With cPanel

opencart-cpanelThis tutorial assumes you have purchased a hosting package either with us or another web hosting company.

Download Opencart

Go to and download the latest version of Opencart.



Log in to CPanel

Log into your cPanel account . It will be something like "".
You should have received the login details with your welcome email from your hosting provider.


Create Database

Now before we start uploading files and beginning the actual Opencart installation process we will need to create our MySQL database to store all of our Opencart information.
Note that at this stage Opencart only supports MySQL as the data storage method.

If you don't know how to create a database in your cpanel don't worry.
You can take a look at this tutorial  creating a database .

Upload Opencart

Now that we have downloaded the Opencart packaged, create a database and created a user with the correct permissions to access our database we need to upload the Opencart zip file and begin the installation process.

There are two ways to accomplish uploading the Opencart package and the easiest way is to use Cpanel itself.
You can take a lok at Uploading Zip Files To Your Domain   tutorial.

The other way is to use an FTP file client such as Filezilla.

Run Opencart Install

Now that we have created our databased and user, uploaded and extracted our Opencart zip file to the correct place on our server we can now run the Opencart install script. Remember you will need the name of the database you created as well as the username and password to access the database.

By opening a web browser and typing in the domain name of our shop such as we will be automatically taken to the start of the Opencart install script.

Here we are presented with a license agreement that we need to agree to and click continue:

License Agreement

The next screen will be an  automated test of our hosting environment to make sure that our hosting package has all the basic requirements for Opencart to run. Most hosting packages should meet all the requirements click continue:


Now that we have met all the requirements and have clicked continue we are presented with our settings page in which we will need to enter our database information and the name of our admin user, their password and email address.

Enter the database name, the database username and password that we created in Step 3.
Finally type in the name of the admin user give them a password and type in the admin users email address.

A good tip is to change the default name from admin to somthing unique to you and the database prefix to a three digit unique setting.This will help keep your shop secure. Once again write these datails down or copy them to a text file for safe keeping


database details



That’s it! Congratulations! We have now successfully install our Opencart e commerce shop.


We can see what our store looks like by visiting our domain such as or we can log in and start running our shop by visiting

Delete Install Directory

Before we log into our brand new Opencart store we need to make sure that we have deleted the install directory. We do this by using the same cPanel file manager application that we used previously and going to to our install directory (public_html). From here we need to select and delete the public_html/install directory.

Next: Configuring your store




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