Configuring The Shipping Modules In Tomatocart

In this tutorial we will configure our shipping modules so when a customer purchases a product the shipping costs will be displayed in the checkout process.

Depending on your requirements for your products shipping costs will influences the shipping module you require.
For this exercise we are going to install the "Table Rate" which means shipping will be decided by the weight of products ordered.


In your administration panel click on start >> Modules >>shipping Modules

shipping menu item


The shipping module box will open displaying the different shipping modules.

shipping list

  • Flat Rate:  A single price is used on all orders, regardless of quantity, weight, etc. This is the simplest method of calculating shipping cost.
  • Free Shipping:  Free shipping is applied to orders with Shipping Cost in Shipping Zone.
  • Per Item: For each individual item so if two items are purchased then it's double the base rate you set.
  • Self Pickup: Products can be ordered and reserved for pickup.
  • Table Rate: In Table Rate shipping, a table of prices is used to determine the shipping cost. Either the total weight or the total price of the order can be used in the lookup table
  • United Parcel Service: N/A
  • United states Postal Service: N/A (American Shipping)
  • Zone Rates:  Can be used for sending heavy packages by courier service to different parts of the country by setting the zones module.


Click on the green arrow on the right to install the module. Then click the Edit icon to open the module for editing.

shipping list


Once the shipping module is open you can edit the settings to suit your needs.

table module

  • Enable Table Method:  Yes to enable.
  • Shipping Table:  Here you can set the weight limits for your shipping prices. Up to 5-kg = 3.99  5 to 10kg = 5.50 etc..
  • Table Method:  This can be either  weight or price, we are using weight.
  • Handling Fee: You can set a fee for time and packaging here. Leave if not required.
  • Tax Class:  You can charge tax on the shipping costs.
  • Shipping Zone: When you set up Zones within your configuration you can set different shipping methods for each zone.
  • Sort Order:  If you set up more than one shipping method you can set which method is listed first, second etc.
  • Module Weight Unit: this is a list of all the available weight units, depending on your products which weight calculation you use.

Once you have decided which settings you require click the save button to complete the module setup.




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  • Guest - max

    Hello, it's really interesting! Thank you and see you soon.

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    I don't even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.

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  • Guest - George

    This looks so easy to set up now, thanks!

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