Adding Products to Virtuemart

When creating your products and categories, it is important to make a distinction as to whether the product that is being created can be uniquely identified by its nature or name (e.g. Compact Disks, Video Cassettes, Books, etc.), or is one of many similar items that are uniquely identified by their attributes (e.g. Apparel, Furniture, Automobiles, etc.). The reason this distinction needs to be made, is because the methods for creating, editing and deleting differ for each. Items require the creation of Item Attributes, but products do not.

Adding Products To Virtuemart

To create a new product, click on "Products" menu then "Products" to display the product form.

product menu

A new page will open listing all the products within the shop.
If this is a new installation with no sample products then the page will be blank.
Click the new button in the top right corner.

new button

A new product screen will open with a tabbed menu across the top of the page. We will deal with one tab at a time.

The first tab is the "Product Information" tab. We are going to be adding a pair of shoes to our products so lets get started. firstly lets have a look at the product information box.

product box

  • Publish: Used to specify whether the product will be published on the site.(I'd leave this as unpublished until you finnished putting in all the detals ).
  • SKU: Means Article Number. Stock keeping unit ( SKU) is an identification, usually alphanumeric, of a particular product that allows it to be tracked for inventory purposes. If you don't have a SKU number make a unique number for Virtuemart otherwise the product will not be listed.
  • Product Name: The name that will be used to identify the product.
  • Product Alias: You can leave this blank, this will be filled in by the system once you save the details.
  • URL: A URL that can be displayed with a product. Usually used as a link to the product vendor or manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer with which the product will be associated.
  • Product Categories: The product categories with which this product will be associated.
  • Shopper Group: The price for the default Shopper Group. Just fill in a decimal number. Select the Product Currency from the drop-down list at the right.
  • Product Details Page: The Price including taxes (according to the selected VAT ID) for the default Shopper Group.
  • On Featured: This can be checked if you want the product listed in the Featured Module.


Product Pricing.

pricing box


  • Cost Price:  Enter the price you want to charge for the product.
  • Base Price:  Will be filled in by Virtuemart.
  • Final Price:  Will be filled in by Virtuemart.
  • Override:  You can use this to temporarly discount a price.

 All other check boxes and radial buttons leave blank for now. click save in the top right corner.


Pricing Rules Overrides

This box is for applying taxes and creating discounts that can be set for individual products. This we will explain in another tutorial about applying taxes. So for now we don't need to set anything in this box.

tax rules

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