Configuring Virtuemart


I have set this tutorial up so that there is a different page for each tab setting to save you scrolling:

most of these settings are self explanatory so you should be able to go through them without any explanation, but you can use this tutorial as a guide if you need clarification.

Let's get started....

log into your administration of joomla and go to the Components menu and you will see the Virtuemart link, just click on this link and you will be taken into the Virtuemart Control panel.


There are two ways to access the configuration screen. By the large icon in the middle of the screen or by the left side menu in the configuration section.Click on one of these options to take you into the config section.


Across the top you will see the main tabs panel, we will go through these one at a time and explain the settings contained in each of them .

tabs group


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