Creating Categories in Virtuemart

After having installed and configured Virtuemart successfully, the next step that most shopping cart owners need to do is to create multiple categories for their products or services offered for sale.

To create category in Virtuemart, login to Joomla as administrator.

On the Menu bar hover the cursor on the Component menu item, a drop down list will appear.Click on the Virtuemart sub menu item as shown in Diagram 3.

virtuemart component

VirtueMart Configuration window will appear.

The administration panel is on the left hand side of page displayed. Click on Products .

On clicking on Products, the Products Sub Menu will expand, click on Product Category.

product categories

The Category Information window will appear.
We are using the default installation of Virtuemart with the sample data installed so you can see  how the nested categories are displayed.
Click the "New" button in the top right corner.

new category


The new Category Information window will appear.
There are two tabs visible Products category Form and Images. We will firstly create the Category Form details.

category description

General Information

Category Name
:  The name of the category you wish to create.
Published:  If the category is published or not.
Sef Alias :  when you save the category this will be populated automatically.
Description:  Here you can create a description about the products within this category.

We will create a new category for Screwdrivers which will be a sub directory of hand tools.

create new

Once we have entered our name and description for our new category scroll down to the Details pane.

category details

  • Ordering: The ordering preference you would like the categories to be displayed. Category Ordering: Here you can decide whether it is a top level category or a nested category.
  • Default Number of Products Per Row: Depending on the template you are using you can decide how many products to display in each row.
  • CATEGORY FORM LIMIT LIST START: This changes the top right RESULTS drop-down number that the shopper can select to jump forward. Leave at 0 to let VirtueMart choose this number for you.
  • CATEGORY FORM LIMIT LIST STEP: How many items you want to appear on the page. Note that other settings or the template can over-ride this. Leave at 0 to let VirtueMart choose this number for you.
  • CATEGORY FORM LIMIT LIST MAX: The total number of pages you want to appear in the top right RESULTS drop-down box. Note that other settings or the template can over-ride this. Leave at 0 to let VirtueMart choose this number for you.
  • CATEGORY FORM INITIAL DISPLAY RECORDS: How many rows are displayed on the page initially. The shopper can change this by selecting a different number from the top right RESULTS drop-down box.

Now click on Applyto save the created Category.

Now click on the Images Tab Panel.

Here we will insert an image for the category listing in virtuemart

To select an image already uploaded to your website, type a space to see all images, and click one image to select it. Or if you know the image file name, begin typing and it will appear.

 select image

Uploading an Image

If you have a new image for this category you can upload it to the categories folder via this method.
Scroll down to the upload file section.
upload an image

Make sure the Upload radial button is selected. Then you can browse to an image on your computer.
Once an image has been selected scroll back to the top and  click on save.
The image will be uploaded and display

image details

The newly created category image will be seen in this section and the path to the category folder where the image resides.

Now we know how to set a category and image for that  category.



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