Modifying The Shop and Company Information

After completing the configuration of your shop. We now need to set the default values for the actual front end.

This tutorial is about modifying the shop and company information

Start modifyng the company information

Go to Components > Virtuemart

virtuemart link

Click on Shop - You can use the shop icon or click Shop from the menu. Both will work.

shop menu

 Firstly we will modify the Modify Vendor Information

shop name

Shop Name:  The actual name of the shop.
Shop Company Name:  The company name who owns the shop, this is usually the same as the shop.
URL:  The absolute URL to your shop eg:
Minimum Purchase Order:  We will set this to "0" so all transactions will be processed.


Modify the base currency and other currencies accepted.

In the currency section of our shop settings click on the drop-down menu and select the default currency for the shop. This will be our currency that is displayed when potential clients enter our shop.
I've changed the default currency to British Pound, now all the prices will show with a pound sign in the cart.
default currency

Choose other currencies

You can click the x next to the ones that were added by default to delete them, or add one by clicking on the list selection.

empty space

Place the cursor in the field and just click  a selection menu will appear.

add currency


Your currency section should like this

currency settings

For the currency selector to work, you will need to add the base currency to the list of accepted currencies. If you don't the currency selector on the front end won't show the option for the customer.
If you only use one type of currency, you can leave the List of accepted currencies field blank, and just set the main currency.

Change the logo image

Scroll down to the Image Information Panel
These images will show on your shop front and on your receipts.

Change the name and details. You could un check Published if you aren't going to use a graphic

default images
File Published:  If you don't want a logo to show you can untick this option.
Unique Filename:  This is the actual image file name yu will be using.
Displayed Image Title:  Set this if required, this is for screen readers etc.
Image Alt-Text:  Usually this is set to the name of the shop.
Used url:  You could set this manually or when you upload a file this will populate automatically.
Used thumb url:  As above this will populate when you upload a thumbnail image.
Role:  Set this to Displayable if you don't allow it to be downloaded.

The Upload Section

Here we can upload the files to change our logo and thumbnail images.
You can upload a new file or replace the original. Just browse and select the file you want to use then click save in the top right corner of your screen.

Repeat this step to generate and replace the thumbnail image, don't forget to select the thumbnail radial button first..

As you scroll further down you will see three WYSIWYG editor windows.
The first one is the "Description Field" . This is the First Element in the front page your customers will see, this is usually used for a welcome message or large sales advert etc..

description editor

The next editor is for the Terms of Service.

This is where you place your "Terms and conditions" of sale. When you create products there is an input box that gives you the choice of customers having to agree to these T&G before proceeding with the sale.


The final Editor is for Legal information

Here as you can see is for any legal information that is required for your business.
legal information
And that's it for the Vendor Tab. Now lets move on to the next tab.

Change the Vendor Additional Information

The fields indicated with an asterisk and a blue background must be filled in or you will not be able to save your changes.

If you were starting the store from scratch instead of using sample data, all these fields would be empty and you would need to make this the first task on your list before you could change anything on the other tabs.
The Display Name, Username, and Password fields should already be populated From the user account in Joomla.

additional information

Fill in the required fields

Click Save at the top of the page




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