Main Configuration For Wordpress

This tutorial will show you how to configure your settings in WordPress. Because there are rather a lot of settings and pages to go through we have split this tutorial up into the different pages of the settings menu.


Admin Login

settings menu item

Log into WordPress admin account.

Click Settings in the sidebar on the left.



settings sub menu

As well as the general page opening you will also see a new sub-menu under Settings.

We will go through these settings page by page.


The General Page.

This page has general settings that you can change, like the blog title, tagline, and URL.

general settings 1

  • Site Title:  You can set a different Title for your site rather than the one you set in the install.
  • Tagline:  Change the tagline to something that describes your site.
  • Wordpress address (URL):  This should already be set for you and should only be changed if you move your installation into a sub folder.
  • Site Adress (URL): As above.
  • Email Adress:  enter an E-mail address that will be the default for this site.
  • Membership:  Tick this box if you want anyone to register with you.
  • New User Default Rule:  When a new user registers with you,you can decide what role they are  asigned, by default  it is recomended use "Subscriber".

Scroll down the page:
general 2

  • Time Zone:  Change the time zone to match your own which in our case is london.
  • Date Format:  Here you can decide on a date format that suites you.
  • Time Format:  Again choose a time format that will suit your site.
  • Week starts On:  Which in our case is Sunday.

Click Save Changes when you are finished editing your settings.


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